Dr. Rizwan Siddiqui

Dr.Rizwan Siddiqui

Dr. Rizwan Siddiqui is the co-founder & Director Operations of Solutions World. With his experience and knowledge, he enables Pakistani youth to generate revenue through the freelance industry. Pakistani entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker, and software engineer with proven academic and curricular accomplishments. Having developed an international profile and returning to Pakistan solely to create productive opportunities for the youth of the country, he is an energized self-starter with outstanding leadership and communication skills. Due to the fact that he was born in Shorkot, a city of district Jhang in Pakistan, where modern facilities do not yet exist in May 2023, he is eager to help his own people.

Nevertheless, he does not have a fibre optic broadband connection. It is with great pride and conviction that he delivers online courses via Solutions World, educates people through YouTube and Google Meet, and represents the province in Constituency PP-129 as a social and political activist. As a software engineer from GCUF, he lectured in the same university and at other public sector universities after completing his specialization in the same field. He has excellent command on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node Js. React Native, Requirement Engineering, SPSS, WordPress, On-page SEO, SQA and Oracle 6i. He is specialized in Big Data handling and in predictive analytics. He conducted a number of seminars in different institutions to give awareness about the power of the freelance industry and gave interviews on different news channels.